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As many of you know, Sweet Laurel has 5 core ingredients: almond flour, coconut oil, organic eggs, Himalayan pink salt and 100% maple syrup. The one ingredient that does not pass the keto friendly test is 100% maple syrup, So I created a recipe for those of you who may be following a low carb\keto diet, but would like to have your cake and eat it too.

In honor of Sweet Laurel’s third birthday, we’re posting this delicious ketogenic friendly birthday cake. I chose Lakanto Monk Fruit sweetener, as I have found it to be the best low carb sweetener in terms of taste. It also is Dr. Gundry approved, another reason I chose it! Enjoy this delicious cake! xoxo, Laurel

To make the Chocolate Cake
3 cups almond meal
1/3 cup cacao
1 teaspoon  baking soda
1 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt
3 pastured eggs
3/4 cup water
1.5 Tablespoon vanilla extract
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Prepare 3, 6 inch pans by lining with parchment paper and greasing the sides with coconut oil.
In a bowl, combine the almond meal, cacao, baking soda, Himalayan pink salt and monk fruit sweetener. Stir.
Add the eggs, water and vanilla extract and stir to combine.
Pour batter into prepared pans.
Bake for 25 minutes, or until tooth pic inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.
Allow to cool before topping with ganache.
To make the Ganache
4 oz 100% cacao baking chocolate
4 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)
2-3 tablespoons monk fruit (or more, depending on palate)
1 cup coconut milk
Over very low heat, melt coconut oil and baking chocolate. Once melted, remove from heat. Slowly whisk in sweetener and coconut milk, until consistency is smooth. You may need to add more coconut milk or water to get a smoother texture.
** if cake is refrigerated, the ganache will harden a bit. Keep finished cake at room temperature for best results

38 thoughts on “Keto Birthday Cake \\ Sweet Laurel

  1. Teri

    Hi! Your recipe looks AMAZING!!! I would definitely love to try it…just wondering if you might know what the approximate amount of carbs/sugar would be in the cake?

    Thanks so much and thank you for sharing!!

  2. Rosalyne

    Hi Laurel it is Rosalyne from church what could be used in place of Almond Meal? Wyatt has a nut allergy

  3. marta

    Hi! I will try this recipe in the next few days. Thanks!
    Do you know the amount of Swerve sweetener I should use? (I don’t do Monk Fruit)

    Thanks in advance

  4. Bernice

    This looks great! Is there a reason you are using Almond Meal instead of Almond Flour? Are these 2 interchangeable?

  5. Romana

    Why did you not substitute it with the Lakanto Maple flavored Syrup? If I did, how much would I use to make it closer to your original recipe?

  6. NPJM

    Absolutely fabulous recipe!! Five stars!!
    I am a long time cook/baker of Gluten Free and Keto foods and this is hands down the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had the pleasure of making. It blew everyone away.
    And thank goodness for LAKANTO!! My heartfelt thanks from all Keto devotees to the Lakanto Company for making such phenomenal products. Lakanto is a game changer for those of us in the Keto world – truly a gift from the Gods!
    Wish I could show you photos of my cake – BEAUTIFUL, GOOEY, and MOIST!!

  7. Blake

    This looks delicious! Is there a reason you have listed Almond Meal instead of Almond Flour? Could you substitute Almond Flour?

  8. Betsy

    Would almond milk be a suitable substitute if I don’t have coconut milk on hand? Or would it not be creamy enough? Also, should I increase the recipe for two 10 inch pans?

  9. lucy

    Hi! Would the monkfruit substitute work in your other recipes as well? Looking to substitute maple syrup so there is less sugar.

    1. sweetlaurel Post author

      Certainly! Just be sure to add equal the amount of water as liquid volume of the maple syrup in each recipe as well. It works great! You may even find you can lessen the monk fruit a bit. Also, I have only tested with Lakanto’s brand of monk fruit as noted in the recipe above, so I recommend sticking to that one. Happy Baking!

  10. Kay Friel


    I’m super excited to try this Saturday! I wanted to know what brand of cacoa do you use? I just bought the Monk Sweetner you recommended!

  11. Arianne

    Thank you, Sweet Laurel…I am looking forward to more of your recipes modified to be Keto approved. I can’t seem to get a good cookie that has a good “chew” and is not too “cakey”.

  12. Palkie Matharu

    Hi Laurel, I noticed you do not use coconut oil in this cake (vs the classic vanilla cake). May i ask why? I baked this cake and felt it was a little on the drier side.

    Thank you!

    Palkie M.

    1. sweetlaurel Post author

      Hi! Did you make any substitutions? With a granulated sweetener like Lakanto, it is much dryer then maple syrup, which is why I add the water alongside the Lakanto.

  13. Grace Wong

    This is such a great recipe. We tried it without the frosting and it was so moist and tasty.
    Will be making this again soon.
    Which brand of 100% cacao baking chocolate would you recommend?
    It seems hard to find 100% cacao baking chocolate that’s keto friendly (sugar free).
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. sweetlaurel Post author

      So happy to hear this!!! So, Sweet Laurel is about to launch our own 100% cacao bar very soon, but in the meantime Guittard is a great brand. I’ve found it at Whole Foods, and I’m sure it is on Amazon as well. Keep enjoying our Keto Cake!!! xoxoxo

  14. Renuka

    Hi Laurel! Writing in from India. Can’t wait to get this gluten free and low carb recipe. Totally suits my life style.
    Did you say to double the recipe for two 8″tins? That’s seems like quite a bit don’t you think?
    That’s like 6 cups of almond meal / flour….

  15. Katie

    Hi! I just found your website/this recipe and I’m looking forward to trying it for my sister’s birthday, but I have a rather important question.

    Do the T’s in the recipe stand for tablespoon or teaspoon?



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