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Cake Shop Recipes // Sweet Laurel

Our cake shop is two, and we want to celebrate with you! Whether you’re near or far, we’d love for everyone to be able to enjoy Sweet Laurel treats; so here’s a recipe round-up for ALL our cake shop baked goods! Enjoy with our tea or coffee for a truly authentic Sweet Laurel experience. Cheers! […]

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Blueberry Lavender Donuts with Coconut Glaze \\ Sweet Laurel

Today is my birthday, so I’m sharing one of my favorite new recipes with you! These Blueberry Lavender Donuts have the loveliest flavor, and are perfect for a springtime brunch, or better yet, Mother’s Day! The food grade lavender is optional. The donuts will have perfect flavor with or without. Enjoy!! Blueberry Lavender Donuts with […]

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