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Nico’s Transition to Eating Solid Foods

If you read this post I wrote about my nutritionist Margaret, and her approach to introducing solids, you know Nico has been eating some superfoods! Nico was slow to eating solid foods. Up until about ten months, Nico was pretty much exclusively breastfeeding, with coconut yogurt sprinkled throughout the day. I realize every baby is different, […]

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Lactation Muffins \\ Sweet Laurel

As a new mom, I want to eat the best foods for lactation! Water, water, water is great I hear, but there are so many delicious foods as well.  Flax, sesame, carrots, nuts and ginger are also helpful agents in increasing milk supply. I figured I’d make a muffin combining them. Hope you enjoy! PS- […]

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Vanilla Coconut Milk // Sweet Laurel

Four ingredients and the most delicious non-dairy milk you can make at home! The dates add a hint of sweetness, the vanilla a lovely round flavor, and the salt cuts through everything. This coconut milk is delicious on it own or in coffee!  So much has been said for the nutritional benefits of coconut meat […]

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