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Coconut Yogurt Breakfast Bowls with Grain Free Granola \\ Sweet Laurel

You will truly have a breakfast of champions with this delicious yogurt + granola situation. Homemade coconut yogurt is a fun alternative to the ever popular breakfast of chia pudding, and the probiotic twist gives this breakfast an added boost. You can make this yogurt in larges batches, and have a fridge full of coconut […]

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Easy Paleo Granola \\ Sweet Laurel

This granola is the perfect combination of sweet and crunchy, like granola should be. Throw it together in one bowl and back it off! That simple. You can adjust sweetener, adding more or less, to your liking. I used Xylitol once, and it worked perfect. Have fun! Easy Paleo Granola Yields about 2-3 cups granola […]

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