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My Simple Morning Sickness Remedy \\ Sweet Laurel

All the mamas out there know about morning sickness. While it is typically linked to early pregnancy, it can occur during the entire pregnancy for some women. Last summer, when I was blissfully enjoying my first few weeks of motherhood, nausea struck me from behind. I could not believe how much it affected my everyday […]

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Thai Kelp Noodle Salad \\ Sweet Laurel

Kelp Noodles are my new favorite grain-free noodle alternative. They are starch free, loaded with fiber, and a low-calorie alternative to other types of pasta. This noodle is perfect for a quick and easy dinner at home. I love making this Thai version, infused with delicious veggies and my Paleo ‘peanut sauce’ alternative made with […]

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Infused Water \\ Sweet Laurel

Infused water is a favorite of mine. It elevates any dinner party experience. I love playing with fun flavors when I entertain. Here are a few fun flavors to play with. Enjoy! Infused Water 3 Ways   Grapefruit Rose   3 -5 cups filtered water 1 organic grapefruit 1 organic rose Wash grapefruit and thinly […]

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