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Cake Shop Recipes // Sweet Laurel

Our cake shop is two, and we want to celebrate with you! Whether you’re near or far, we’d love for everyone to be able to enjoy Sweet Laurel treats; so here’s a recipe round-up for ALL our cake shop baked goods! Enjoy with our tea or coffee for a truly authentic Sweet Laurel experience. Cheers! […]

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Fairy Cakes // Sweet Laurel

Fairy Cakes We created these Fairy Cakes to be a kid friendly, nut free option safe for school and birthday parties! At Sweet Laurel we sell these by the dozen, calling it our class pack. It’s very popular with the twelve and under set, however all can enjoy this delicious, darling little treat. Yield: 24 […]

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Nut-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies // Sweet Laurel

Nut-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies I had the opportunity to meet the creators of Jungle Project last year and learn about their sustainable, grain-free, nut-free Breadfruit Flour. Breadfruit is a staple plant in many tropical countries, so much so, that a single breadfruit tree can provide nourishment for a family of 4, for up to 75 […]

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