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Gingerbread Blondies // Sweet Laurel

Gingerbread Blondies We love seasonal spices and in winter that means one thing – GINGERBREAD! We already have recipes for gingerbread brownies, and a latte, but there’s one more gingerbread recipe we’ve been dreaming of… blondies! This is a festive holiday twist on the popular Chocolate Caramel Blondies in our pink cookbook. Pair with a […]

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Paleo ‘Twix’ Bars // Sweet Laurel x Rachael DeVaux

Paleo Twix Bars by Rachael DeVaux We recently asked our Instagram community what classic candy they’d like a clean/paleo recipe for, and while there were lots of wonderful answers, there was a clear frontrunner: TWIX BARS! We happened to know that our friend Rachael already has a fabulous paleo recipe for this candy, so why […]

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Berry Crumble Bars // Sweet Laurel

Berry Crumble Bars Recently I met a beautiful lady, inside and out, Elizabeth of Purely Elizabeth. We basically chatted for an hour and I decided she is my new female entrepreneur girl crush. We’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate on a few projects, and in doing so, I created these delicious Berry Crumble Bars […]

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