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Thanksgiving Round-up \\ Sweet Laurel

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! It is a time to sit back in gratitude and remember all of life’s¬†blessings. It is also a time to share delicious food with the people you love! This is why I have so many Thanksgiving recipes to share! This is a compilation of Sweet Laurel recipes, for you and […]

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Toasted Honey Marshmallow with Peaches \\ Sweet Laurel

Every month of summer there’s something to look forward to: gaviota strawberries in May, GG1 cherries from Murray’s Farm in June, the mulberries in July, and the Rio Oso Gem peach in August. Peaches tend to be sublime or thoroughly disappointing – very rarely mediocre. This thin line they tread means that buying them can […]

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My Favorite Christmas Cake \\ Sweet Laurel

  I know, I know, fruitcake? Does anyone actually like fruitcake? Well this one is different. It has not spent who knows how many months in a tin and while the flavors are indeed fruity, they are also fresh and festive.¬†Play around with toppings such as shaved orange peel, chopped pistachios, and goji berries to […]

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