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Veggie Lasagna \\ Sweet Laurel

This lasagna is a game changer. It is truly a collaboration of creatives in the Paleo, vegan and clean eating scene. We used Kite Hill for their delicious almond milk based Ricotta. This cheese could fool any dairy devotee. With the help of Capellos, grain and gluten free eaters can now enjoy home-cooked, delicious lasagna […]

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Vegan Lasagna \\ Guest Post by The Kitchy Kitchen

Today’s recipe is from Sweet Laurel’s own Claire Thomas and her blog The Kitchy Kitchen. Hope you enjoy! xoxo Laurel Fancy lady lunch time! I love this dish for a luncheon because a) look how fancy b) it’s suuuuper simple c) you can make it ahead of time.  This is exactly the kind of recipe […]

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