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Matcha Cake \\ Sweet Laurel

Matcha Cake Matcha matcha matcha! Matcha is everyone’s favorite superfood these days, including ours! We made this amazing & delicious Matcha cake recipe exclusively to serve at the cake shop, but in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we’d share the recipe on the blog. Try baking this for the festivities and bring it […]

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Almond Mylk 12 Ways \\ Sweet Laurel

At Sweet Laurel, almond mylk is one of our favorite pantry staples. We use it in baking, in pasta sauce, in our morning coffee, it’s a flavor panacea for anything in need of a bit of richness and roundness. We even like drinking it straight, too. Almonds contain delicious, filling fats, and are a good […]

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Matcha Mint Ice Cream \\ Sweet Laurel

Matcha is one of our favorite superfoods. It’s antioxidant properties are sky high, not to mention the metabolism boosting and PH balancing effects. This week, why not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a superfood? ┬áThis Matcha Mint Ice Cream is refreshing, delicious and most importantly, simple. Our source for the world’s best matcha is Los […]

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