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Recipes for a Sweet Laurel Tea Party

Claire and I grew up sipping from teacups and brushing crumbs off our skirts. Our mothers love afternoon tea, part of any good tea party is, of course, scones! We like our scones the old-fashioned, British way: not too sweet, with a tender tasty crumb. So we’re beyond excited to now offer a Sweet Laurel […]

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Seventh Duchess Scones \\ Sweet Laurel x Seventh Duchess Tea

Scones are a favorite at Sweet Laurel. If you haven’t baked up our scrumptious Lavender Scones featured on Vogue.com or our Currant Scones over at Goop.com, here’s another chance! Today’s scone recipe is a special collaboration with the ladies at The Seventh Duchess, our latest tea crush. I love The Seventh Duchess Peace tea, a […]

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Currant Scones \\ Sweet Laurel

What could be more ladylike than some classic currant scones? This recipe is the perfect base for basically EVERY scone you could imagine: cinnamon raisin? orange chocolate chip? Done! I love this simple recipe because it utilizes ingredients you can find in almost any pantry. I prefer serving these barely warm with a little jam […]

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