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Best Sweet Potato Fries Ever \\ Sweet Laurel

I tricked Nick with these fries. He used to think sweet potatoes were one the nastiest things ever (can you imagine?). Now these fries are his side of choice. A few years into our marriage and I had enough with the anti-sweet potato antics. I decided to make a batch of fries using white sweet […]

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Thanksgiving Round-up \\ Sweet Laurel

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! It is a time to sit back in gratitude and remember all of life’sĀ blessings. It is also a time to share delicious food with the people you love! This is why I have so many Thanksgiving recipes to share! This is a compilation of Sweet Laurel recipes, for you and […]

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Herbed Turmeric Stuffing \\ Sweet Laurel

Stuffing is a side that those of us eating grain free can tragically miss out on during the holidays. But, Turmeric Bread, our bread of the month, saves the day perfectly for this classic Thanksgiving dish. Plenty of herbs, cumin, and a combination of peppers also keep any mention of bland stuffing at bay. So […]

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