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Peach Cobbler Pie Recipe

We’re thrilled to partner with Apricot Lane Farms this month featuring their August Pride peaches!

If you’ve seen the film The Biggest Little Farm, you may be familiar with Apricot Lane Farms – a regenerative, biodynamic farm that happens to be down the road from the cake shop. When our team toured their farm a few weeks ago, they shared how they had a surplus of August Pride peaches this season, so naturally we were inspired to turn them into a special peach dessert!

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Summer Skillet Cobbler // Sweet Laurel

Summer Skillet Cobbler One of our favorite LA designers happens to also be a friend and a huge supporter of Sweet Laurel: Jenni Kayne. From the very beginning, Jenni has shared about Sweet Laurel so generously with her friends and community, and Claire and I have always been grateful for that. I created this beautifully […]

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Orange Creamsicles

We’re bringing these back just in time for LDW! Creamsicles remind me of summer days at my grandmother’s house. When I was a little girl, visits to my Nona’s (Grandmother in Greek) included creamsicles, and every summer, I get the craving at least once for the zesty, yet sweet, treat. One day I was determined […]

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Peaches and Cream Cake \\ Sweet Laurel

Peaches and Cream Cake This is a summertime must! We love the fresh peach flavors, the light creamy filling, and did we mention it’s pretty beautiful as well? Everyone has been loving this one from the bakeshop, so we thought we would share the recipe in time to get those summer peaches at the farmer’s […]

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Coconut Ceviche / Sweet Laurel

Coconut Ceviche Our twist on Ceviche uses our absolute favorite coconut cream and coconut meat company, Zuma Valley!! As you may know from following us on Instagram, we use Zuma Valley coconut cream in all of our Superfood Lattes at Sweet Laurel: Cake, Coffee and Tea. We just love it that much!! Here’s a savory change of scenery […]

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